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Love Note from Heaven 3

Updated: Apr 16

Our Precious Child.

We know you so well. We know where you live, where you sleep, what you love (and don't love) to eat, everything you enjoy doing....... We even know the color of your pyjamas!

You see, We created you and made you perfect, whole, amazing, AND charming. There's not a moment in your life that We're not with you or involved with. Yes, even while you're sleeping!

You were with Us before you were born as a human baby, and now while you are on Earth and growing up, your dad and mum, (or family) are there to look after you and care for you. You never really left us or became separated because, We know this may sound strange, but We are INSIDE you. That's why you're so smart and good at so many things. Brilliant don't you think?

You are kind because We are kind. You are happy and laugh because We are happy, laugh and love to have fun just like you do.......all the time!!!

Everything about you reflects who We are. We are so proud of you and love watching you grow up into who We have created you to be. We gave you everything you need to have the most amazing life and We're so excited to share Our life with you. Think of all the things about your life that are good and We're right there in the middle of it all. Even when you feel sad and alone, We're right there with you as well.

We love watching you grow and excited to see you discover all that We have given to you. There is so much more for you to learn about yourself and about Us!!!

Kisses from heaven,

Love you forever,

Dad, Jesus, Holy Spirit (Mum)



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