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Love Note from Heaven 1

Updated: Apr 16

Our Adored Child.

Wow! How amazing are you! We love your smile, your laugh, your happy face. We are thrilled with how you look, the color of your hair, eyes and skin. Your dad and mum gave you those unique features. No-one looks just like you or thinks like you! Astounding don't you think?

We love watching you play, imagine, swim, dance, run, in fact everything you do, from the moment you wake up, everything about you grabs our attention. We even know what you are thinking and dreaming about because We never take Our eyes from you.. We're always there listening as you speak and your thoughts even BEFORE you say anything.

I know it's really hard for you to get this, but We actually live IN you, so no matter where you are or what you do, We can never be separated. Isn't that amazing? It's just the best for Us. In fact We live inside everyone all over the world! Now that's something I bet you find hard to understand, but it's absolutely true.

So when you laugh, We laugh too. When you play, dance, swim,kick a ball, paint a picture or build a cubby house, We're right there doing it with you. You are a living expression of who We are, because We love all those things. That's what We are really like. Just look around and see bits of Us in every person on this planet. Cool hey!

Being with you and IN you every moment of every day gives Us the greatest joy. Watching you grow and learn becoming the person We created you to be puts the biggest smile on Our faces.

We love who you are and celebrate your life. So excited about your future.

You are amazing!

You are brilliant!

Kisses from heaven

Love Dad, Holy Spirit (Mum), & Jesus



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