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Love Letter from Heaven 10

Updated: Apr 27

Our Deeply Loved Child.

Oh how We love you.....your smile, your joy, your laughter - the happy you. Do you know that's because joy and laughter comes from Us?

You love feeling good, not bad; happy not sad.

Inside, you are always connected to Us. We are IN you and can NEVER leave you, just like your heart or brain. We created you and you will forever be a part of Us. You are happy, love parties, presents and yummy food because We love all of that too. We love to sing, dance and have LOTS of fun. Heaven is such a happy place! When you are full of joy you are experiencing your real family, your real home with Us.

However, there are days when you are sad. Someone may have said words that have hurt you or someone special died or you were disappointed that you weren't chosen or included.

Do you know why you hurt? Why you were sad?. It's because inside you is the real joy-filled happy place, where the real you is and something happened that made you feel like We're not there, you have lost your joy and you experience pain. For a short time you feel separated but that can never happen.

We want you to know that you are forever entwined with Us - a place where you can come and sit and know you are loved. Know that We understand your sadness and will always be there for you. Soon your joy will return and whenever you may be sad again, know We are there with you and allow Our joy to flow through you. Remember who you are - Our precious child. We will never leave you and you are forever included in our Family.

We love you deeply,

Kisses from Heaven

Dad, Jesus and Holy Spirit (Mum)



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