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Love Letter From Heaven 11

Our Amazing Child.

How We love living in you, watching over you and enjoying your company. We laugh when you laugh and are sad when you are sad. How We wish you knew We were there to hug you and support you when you are feeling sad, lonely or afraid.

Sometimes, you do the wrong thing like say hurtful words, tell lies, steal something that doesn't belong to you. Sometimes you get angry and are disrespectful with your words to your dad and mum, brothers or sisters and even your friends. We want you to know that We are still there in you, with you in those times, loving you deeply.

Those wrong things can build up a wall around your heart and you may think We are upset with you - BUT WE'RE NOT! In fact, Jesus was human (and still is) and had to face those same feelings (but He didn't ever do anything like lie or steal or do any of the above), but He fully understands.

Can We share what the absolute BEST thing you can do when you know you've done something wrong? Talk to Us about it, talk to Jesus, confess it because it will make you feel so much better - like a good wash out on the inside.

We have already forgiven you because Jesus died and rose again, there is nothing that can come between us. But confessing it, owning up to it is so good for you to move on and with Our help, you can try not to continue to do it again - it messes with your happiness!!! We know having a smile on your face and joy in your heart is the absolute best way to live.

Until next time.....

Love you forever,

Holy Spirit (Mum), Jesus and Dad



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