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Love Letter From Heaven 13

Our Delightful Child!

How have your conversations been with Wisdom? Are you sensing her influence in your life? We hope so - in fact We KNOW so, because she loves to give you guidance and helps you discover answers to things that will astound you!

We want you to learn how to create with Us, to live a supernatural life with Us. You live in a body, but inside you are spirit - Our spirit. You also have a soul (the bits that make you different from everyone else like your personality and interests). Your spirit is evident by your thoughts, your mind. Your thoughts are powerful. That's how We created the Universe, the Cosmos. We had thoughts and dreams/imaginings of what We'd like to see, then those thoughts became words. Our words were spoken out loud, creating the world you see around you. Pretty amazing hey! Our supernatural world of thoughts, frequencies and energy became the natural/physical world you can see and touch, all because We SPOKE it into being.

So what can you imagine? What can you see when you are thinking or dreaming? Close your eyes and start to dream with Us. Get excited about what We can create together. Yes, We know you aren't God like Us, creating stars, trees and animals by speaking them into being but you can create your world by the words you speak. We have made you to be able to think and create by drawing the things you think about to yourself into your world. A word of caution here. You can draw bad things into your world by the thoughts you think, so make sure you think GOOD thoughts.

While you are here on earth, know that your thoughts, imaginations and words are powerful. Look around and see what people have made because they used their thoughts and imagination.

Buildings, roads, bridges, cars, clothes, food, holidays.....the list is endless. It all started with a thought and look how it ends up! WOW!

So dream big, think positive and stay connected with Us and with Wisdom, and together you will create an amazing world around you, for you and for others.

Until next time......keep dreaming

Love you forever,

Jesus, Holy Spirit (Mum) and Dad



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