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Love Letter From Heaven 14

Updated: Aug 31

Our Precious Child,

How deeply loved you are!

Love flows from Us to you continually. There is no separation - ever!

Regardless of what you do or where you are, We are always WITH you, IN you, AROUND you.

We are the energy of your life. Our love holds the entire world together.

We have given you animals, trees, flowers, rain, food, and people so you can see Us in them. We are in ALL things and love Our world....YOUR world. There are things in your world that disappoint Us and not like We wanted it to be. It's not how it was when We first created it, but it is still a beautiful and wonderful world.

Look at bees, how busy they are looking after each other and making honey. Look at the flowers and see the small details We went to when creating them. What about a koala - big, cuddly, & furry. Then there's people - WOW! They are so amazing - ears, eyes, brain, talents, creativity and so much more.

Paintings, buildings, cars, aeroplanes, hospitals and medicines, computers and mobile phones - all came from Us.

What a wonderful world you live in! Look at the sunsets, waterfalls, oceans and mountains. They are Our gift to you. There is no separation between your world and Us, between you and every other human being. We hold the Universe, the Cosmos together by the words We speak and the love We have. Don't ever doubt our connection with you. It is forever. Holy Spirit and Wisdom are working in you to open your eyes to LOVE, to Our world, to your world.

You are Our treasure,

We love you dearly

Dad, Jesus and Mum (Holy Spirit)



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