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Love Letter From Heaven 15

Our Brilliant Child,

You are amazing in every way. You have a body that holds you all together, a spirit that comes from Us and a soul that makes you who you are. Your mind, abilities, personality and talents means that NO-ONE is just like you.

Your mind imagines, thinks, plans, and creates words for you to speak. That's where you are just like Us. You can think and speak words that are "high vibe" positive, life giving thoughts and words. You can think and speak "low vibe" negative thoughts and words too. Sometimes, you will think thoughts about yourself that you will end up believing as being true. Great when they are positive LIFE thoughts We have about you, but will destroy you if they are negative, "low vibe" thoughts and words.

You need to stop yourself when you are not thinking LIFE thoughts. It can sometimes be a real battle. You have the power to choose, but We are here to remind you who you truly are: amazing, brilliant, precious, talented, accepted, blessed, one of a kind!......the list goes on and on. You are so deeply loved by Us and We are always with you because We are IN you. There is no where you can go and be separated from Us.

Think grand thoughts about who you've been created to be, who you really are. You are full of potential and anything is possible. Our life is IN you. Stay focused and BELIEVE, If you sometimes forget this and feel sad or alone just STOP and remember We are right there with you reminding you how amazing you are.

Kisses from Heaven,


Dad, Holy Spirit (Mum) and Jesus



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