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Love Letter From Heaven 16

Our Adored Child.

We so love you and love who you are growing up to be. We are already in your future encouraging you each day to believe in yourself. Your dreams and hopes come from Us. It's one way We use to talk to you. Your thoughts can inspire you to live an amazing, courageous life.

We want to help you to take control of your thoughts and words, because they are what will create your future. Everyday, you receive thoughts from people around you, speaking to you or just being in their presence. Parents, friends, teachers, what you read, see and hear. Sounds and noise surround you when you are awake and your brain is taking it all in. Your mind creates thoughts and words from this.

Your mind is what connects you to Us. Your mind is BRILLIANT!.

Sadly, not everything you see and hear is wholesome and good. Sometimes your experiences with others have caused you to think negative thoughts. Sometimes this goes back to when you were a baby or a small child. Something may have scared you or you were left alone and thoughts of fear entered your mind and heart. These thoughts build up in your mind and imagination but they DID NOT COME FROM US. The thoughts We have for you are astoundingly wonderful.

Fear does not come from Us. Fearful thoughts lock you into a wrong mindset and restricts you like a rubber band around your brain. So how do you overcome fear? KNOW HOW DEEPLY LOVED YOU ARE, that's something that will never change no matter where you are or what you do. Give those fears to Us, trust Us to smash them down so they can't influence you any more.

We will NEVER leave you - that's Our promise!

Kisses from Heaven,

Love you forever,

Dad, Holy Spirit (Mum) and Jesus

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