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Love Letter from Heaven 17

Our Favoured Child.

What a glorious day to be alive!. Astounding isn't it that there is air to breathe, sunshine, water, all forms of nature-just for YOU to enjoy. How we love to keep your world together, bringing new life every day - from ants to bees, to flowers, baby birds and animals. All day every day new life is emerging continually.

The most precious life to Us though, is a human life. A baby born.......every minute of every day all around the world. It's a miracle. That life came from Us, and each one is surrounded by Our favour. Inside each of them is life and love and that includes you!

Have you ever thought about your body? Just think about your eyes - how do they work? So small yet so powerful, taking in everything around you sending messages to your brain, and thoughts to think in a split second of time. You could think about every part of your amazing body and just go WOW!!!

Then what about your ears that pick up vibrations of sound, yet like your eyes, such a small part of your body and so incredible. Spend some time thinking about all the different parts of your body and remember We made you and gave you this magnificent body for you to live in. Take care of it, value it and feed it well. It responds well to good food and lots of water and sunshine.Throw in exercise and lots of laughter and fun and you will have a taste of Heaven on Earth.

You are amazing and live in an incredible body. We had so much fun creating you!

Until next time,

Kisses from Heaven,

Jesus, Mum (Holy Spirit) and Dad.

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