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Love Letter From Heaven 5

Our Adored Child.

How We love you! Everything about you brings joy to Our hearts. When We created you, We placed some things that We love, into your life, your DNA. All the things you are interested in and have the ability to do, all come from an aspect of Us.

When you look around, you can see differences in people everywhere. Isn't that great? Some people love running, others swimming or dancing. Look at tennis, gymnastics, football and all kinds of sports. You have your interests and abilities, AND you have an amazing body. We took great pleasure in making you - you! Unique and gifted.

Playing piano, guitar, saxophone or drums. Wow. We do love music in all its types and styles: slow, fast, loud or soft. Music flows through Our being and throughout all of Heaven. We can't wait for you to hear it with Us. (Close your eyes and listen.....maybe you can.)

Many people love animals and want to care for them. We love them too. They carry our heart for them. Others love the environment, trees, rivers, mountains and the sea. We love your world too and want you to take care of it. So We placed Our desires into the hearts of different people so they would do what We love to do. Maybe you can sense what We have placed in your heart in caring for our world.

Others want to build buildings, bridges, gardens or ships, to make the world a beautiful place to live. So follow your heart and notice what you love to do and are interested in. We've made you unique. Love your interests and abilities - they're Our gift to you. Become the best artist, pianist, guitarist, dancer or scientist. Love the world We have given you.

We're so excited to see you grow into the amazing person We created you to be.

Kisses from Heaven.

Love you forever,

Dad, Holy Spirit (Mum) and Jesus



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