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Love Letter From Heaven 6

Updated: Mar 18

March 9th 2020

Our Deeply Loved Child,

How We so love you!!! You were created to live with Us forever. As you know, you were with Us before you were born as a human and you will live forever with Us as a divine-human. The reason Jesus came was to live as a human and bring you back into Our circle of life. He's a divine-human right now and will be that way forever. Does that sound confusing?

There is a mystery around all of this, and We don't expect you to fully understand right now but you will discover more as you spend time with Us. So ask questions, listen and learn. We would love to share all about Our life with you. We will speak to your heart and sometimes your mind. So right now, what's a question you'd like to ask Us? You don't need to say it out loud.....just think it and We'd love to answer it.

Sometimes We speak to you through other people, the Bible or even a book, but Holy Spirit LOVES to share Our heart with you so remember to talk with Us first. We are there inside you always. Sometimes answers come straight away, other times it can take a little longer as Holy Spirit knows the best time and way to speak with you. So be patient and open your ears and eyes to hear and see what We are wanting to share with you through your spirit (heart) and mind (thoughts). Our thoughts will become your thoughts and Our world will open up in exciting ways you never thought possible.

If you're able to write, why don't you start to use a journal and write your questions down. Then when answers and revelation comes, you can journal Our conversations.

So right now, stop. Ask this question...."Jesus are you in me?" and listen. What do you hear?

Ask another question....."What do you like about me?" Listen....Wow!

Love you are amazing.

Kisses from heaven

Holy Spirit (Mum), Jesus and Dad.



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