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Love Letter from Heaven 7

Updated: Apr 16

Our Precious Child,

How We love sharing Our life with you. Everything about you brings Us joy. Everything that makes you uniquely you, comes from Us.

Sadly, things happen around you and even things happen to you that can make you feel separated from Us. You may think We're not there with you because you don't feel Our presence, and you may feel alone . Maybe you've had a fearful experience and fear has entered your heart. This can happen when you're very young and now you struggle with fear. You find it hard to relax and trust in Our goodness. No matter what it is that you have gone through We are right there in the middle of it with you.

Fear is a horrible thing. It's actually formed in your thoughts and your imagination believing that what you fear is actually real when it isn't real at all. Fear of the dark, fear of being alone, fear of being left out or abandoned. This has the potential to build a barrier in your mind where you believe We are not there and you are all on your own.

We'd like to tell you that fear cannot exist when you realise just how powerful and loving We are. In fact, Our heart's desire is for that fear, any fear, to be gone from your life forever.

You will always be safe, secure, loved and protected by Us.

How about you stop now and ask Us "What am I afraid of?" Listen to your heart. "When did this come into my life?" Then say, "Jesus, come and take this fear out of my life. Replace it with Your love. Help my imagination to see You are always there, always protecting and surrounding me."

We long to see you whole, happy and full of life - the perfect you, the complete you, the one We created you to be. We will take away any sad memories and heal all of your pain. Feel Our love explode from within your heart and shining everywhere you go.

Love you forever,

Kisses from heaven,

Jesus, Dad and Holy Spirit (Mum)



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