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Love Letter from Heaven 9

Our Wonder-filled Child.

How magnificent you are! Every day you are learning something new, seeing something new like a bird, a flower, an insect or an animal. We love the wonder in your eyes and what happens in your heart when you see something new and enjoy it. Like eating a piece of chocolate or a piece of pie - you are smiling on the inside. We see it and love it with you!

But life doesn't always bring you something new and sometimes each day can seem like this is all there is to life. Some kids are quick to say they are "bored" but that's really because they have closed their eyes to the small, amazing, astounding things around them. Let Us encourage you to slow down, and take a moment to open your eyes to what is actually around you. Be present in that moment and see how wonderful your world really is.

Look at the trees, flowers, bees, ants, many things are there for you to enjoy. Stop and notice the little things like clouds, people, books, things in your home and see Us in them all.

Open your eyes and ears with wonder and develop a hunger to learn from everyone and everything about you. Watch mum or dad, brother, sister or friend - when they smile, laugh or play, see Us in it all. Sometimes We speak through them to you. So choose to be still , watch and listen and hear Us speak to you through your outside world and of course through your inside world as well - through your heart and thoughts.

So, stay connected with Us through the world around you and listen to your heart. Keep your ears and eyes filled with wonder as you enjoy each and every day. You'll never be bored again! That's a promise.

As always, Kisses from Heaven

Love you forever,

Dad, Jesus and Holy Spirit (Mum)

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