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Love Letters from Heaven 4

Our Favoured Child.

How thrilled We are to have you in Our family FOREVER! Wow! We can hardly contain Our joy. Jesus is doing cartwheels and jumping up and down He's so excited!!!

Did you know that there are 3 of Us that make Us a family? We are always in union together, all full of honour and love, yet We are distinct in what We do. Sounds strange I know, but it is YOU being in Our family that makes Us the happiest.

We are full of life, energy, joy and love. Creating the world you see around you was a blast as you can tell when you look at bees, insects, animals, birds and fish - everything that's in your world was made for you to enjoy. In fact, Jesus was the One who spoke the world into existence but together We all shared the dream before He spoke.

Take your time and look at the flowers, trees,fruit, sunsets and waterfalls. The air you breathe, the sun, moon, stars and galaxies all came from a dream We had in Our hearts. We made them all just for YOU! (And having fun continuing to make them....just in case you were wondering).

What do you enjoy the most when you look at the world your world? That's Our enjoyment too! What do you believe you're pretty good at? That comes from US as well. So love the world We created for you, love everything you are and everything you do. It's Our gift to you. Have fun and enjoy every bit of your life.

Kisses from Heaven.

Love you forever,

Jesus, Holy Spirit (Mum), and Dad.



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