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Love Note from Heaven 2

Updated: Apr 16

Our Amazing Child.

We can't take Our eyes off you! You are such a great reflection of who We are. We see Our reflection in everything you are and everything you do. When you are kind, when you smile, when you think of others and speak words that make them feel good - that's just who We are flowing through you.

Did you know that We are GOOD all the time? Our thoughts, Our words, Our actions are filled with goodness. Even when you say something silly or hurtful, We reach out to you and help turn your heart towards goodness.

Isn't it a powerful thought that We are good and so are you! What do you think about when We say We are good? I hope it puts a smile on your face and makes you feel safe and secure. No matter if you steal something, tell lies, say something hurtful, get cross or angry, with Our help We will turn everything you do that isn't good, into you seeing just how GOOD We are towards you. Listen to Us speak thoughts and words into your heart and mind and feel Our love. With Our help, you will begin to change and see your life flourishing in goodness.

We love that you do your best and try to do the right thing, but remember We are living inside you and it's Our goodness in you that makes everything turn into something amazing.

So smile, be kind, think of others and know We are working in you and with you to live an astounding life that will bless you and bless others. Every day just gets better and better!

Love you forever,

Kisses from heaven,

Jesus, Dad, Holy Spirit (Mum)



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