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Love Letter from Heaven 18

Our Adored Child.

Wow! How stunning you are to Us. We are so proud of you. In every aspect of your life, We see how you always try to do your best so that you feel approved by others. We just want to tell you that you are ALWAYS approved, accepted and included by Us!!!

Often people try to do things to get the approval of others, especially when you're around your friends. Sometimes you may be tempted to follow their lead and do what they are doing even if it doesn't seem right just so you'll be included. It's a powerful desire that you have. No-one likes to stand alone and be different, laughed at and made feel silly. So you learn to conform just to be included.

Let Us encourage you to know that it's alright to stand alone and be different. You can be a great influence to your friends if you are brave enough to stand up for what you know is right. You always have Us inside you giving you wisdom and strength in knowing what to do and say.

We know what it's like to be laughed at, mocked and alone. Jesus faced that many times when He was on Earth. But look at His outcome....the greatest influence in the world even today.

So be the best, encouraging, loyal, faithful and fun friend you can possibly be. Include everyone in your conversations and activities but also be prepared to stand out and stand alone if your friends may be pressuring you to conform to what they want you to do and say and you know it's the wrong thing.

Know you are ALWAYS included in Our hearts, Our conversations and activities. We love being your faithful, fun and loyal friend.

Love you forever,

Dad, Mum (Holy Spirit) and Jesus

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