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Love Letter from Heaven 19

Our Treasured Child.

How thrilled We are to have you in Our family. We simply Love YOU and every single human being! However, at times, some of them don't know they are loved and therefore they can say and do things that are hurtful to themselves and others.

When you KNOW you are loved, included and accepted by Us, when you KNOW that you came from Us in the first place and will always be with Us, then you will think and act differently. It's like people have lost their way and don't know where they are, why they're here or where they fit.

You may feel like that sometimes too. If only people could see from Our eyes, Our perspective, they would be so full of joy, life and wonder. They would love and value others and they would love themselves.

Instead they often hurt people with their words and actions and yes, you have been hurt by others words and actions too. It's so sad, when the life We have given to you, is not meant to be like that. We created you, all people, to live a life of bliss and beauty, joy and wonder.

Our encouragement to you today is to live from the Truth of who you are. Learn to quickly forgive those who have hurt you. Know that they just don't know who they are at that moment. That's how We live continually with you. We know you hurt others and hurt Us as well, but We know, for that moment you have only forgotten who you really are: perfect, astounding, kind, thoughtful and full of joy.

So when you live each day, live from the Truth of who you are. Offer grace and forgiveness to everyone around you as they too, are discovering the Truth of who they really are......Our Treasured Child.

Sending you BIG hugs and unlimited love,

Jesus, Dad and Mum (Holy Spirit)

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