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Love Letter From Heaven 20

Our Amazing Child!

How wonderful to connect with you today. A day to celebrate!!! In fact, every day is a celebration of life, love and wonder. We SO love living IN you and THROUGH you.

Today We want to celebrate family and all that it means. We are all a part of one big family.....OUR family, a place where you know you are loved, a safe place, a place where you belong.

Your earth family are there to love you because We are in them too. They show Our love by caring for you, giving you smiles, encouraging words, spending time with you and sometimes giving you gifts because that's what We would do with you.

Brothers, sisters, cousins; uncles, aunts and grandparents are a wonderful extension to celebrate Our BIG family. Doing things together, knowing you are accepted, loved and included helps you to see Us. We can be seen in the lives of everyone in your family.

Our greatest joy is seeing you laugh and have fun. Playing, going to school, enjoying life and friends is just the best. We love it too, when you sit on dad or mum's lap and just enjoy being together and sitting still. It's like you're sitting on Our lap as We wrap Our arms of love around you too.

Love and enjoy your family - there is nothing better than being together and enjoying your life.

Have fun......

Sending you big hugs,

Love always,

Dad, Mum (Holy Spirit) and Jesus



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