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Love Letter From Heaven 21

Our Precious Child.

Wow! Just look at you. What a treasure. What a delight. We love you so deeply and We are so proud of you and who you are becoming. You are beginning to believe who you really are and who We've created you to be. It thrills Our heart when people believe the TRUTH of who they are.

Can We share something that's on Our heart today for you?. It's a big word called COMPASSION. No doubt you've heard it spoken, but what does Compassion mean to you?

It's really very simple. It means seeing someone in need and then doing something about it. Jesus modeled it every day He was on the Earth in His physical body. When He saw a sick person, He went to help and heal. He didn't just walk by and say...."That's sad..." When there were hungry people, He fed them. That's what We are like, that's what We do. Our hearts are full of Compassion. We see a need and do something about it.

We want to encourage you to have a heart that's full of compassion. When someone is crying or hurting, give them a hug and help them. If someone is thirsty, offer them a drink. Open the eyes of your heart and feel their need and do something about it. There are people everywhere needing your compassion. Your family, your friends, your teachers and even strangers or people in other places in the world. If you see their need, if it's within your power, do something about it.

Buy someone a meal, make some food, visit a sick person, clean up for mum when she's tired or send someone a card. There are so many things you can do if you open the eyes of you heart.

When you do, you are becoming more like Us. Compassion is a practical way to show and live in LOVE, which is the centre of everything.

Until next time,

Kisses from Heaven,

Love you forever,

Jesus, Holy Spirit (Mum) and Dad

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