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Love Letter From Heaven 22

Our deeply loved child.

What an amazing person you are! Every part of you has been created to enjoy the Earth you are living on, enjoy the people around you and enjoy being in Our family. Because We live IN you, We are together 24/7. Even when you aren't thinking about Us, when you're at school, playing games or watching TV., We are as close as your breath. Our home is in you!

There's something hidden in your life/mind that has been growing since you took your first breath. Dad, Mum, Grandparents, Teachers and other "influencers" have been building this into you without you knowing. This hidden gem is your CHARACTER - it's your sense of honour, truthfulness, values, your sense of right and wrong, good and bad. We have also helped establish Our character in you and in every human born, right from Adam and Eve!

Do you know what We mean by CHARACTER? It's who you really are when you are on your own, when no-one is watching you. It's when you are free to choose how to act and what to do. We know the battles you face when you are on your own, when you think no-one is watching you, but We are inside you, in your heart and mind involved in every choice you make. Many times We try to influence your choices but We will always honour your 'free will'. Will you steal something that's not yours? Eat something you know you shouldn't? Watch something you were told not to?

Your CHARACTER is a most precious gift because it defines who you really are. Your CHARACTER sets you up for a great life or one destined for pain and destruction.

Let Us encourage you to listen to the great leading given to you by your parents and others who love you and want the BEST for your life. They are establishing within you a CHARACTER of goodness. Remember, We are here to help you every step of the way. Just ask.....We will never force you to do good even when We know you are making dumb choices.

You have been created for greatness. There is so much of Us in you. Allow great CHARACTER to be built in you. You will love the results.

Love and hugs from Our hearts to yours,

Dad, Jesus, Holy Spirit (Mum)

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