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Love Letter From Heaven 23

Our Delightful Child!

What a great day to be alive! Did you notice the birds, the trees, the sky or the stars? What a super picture they paint of your world. Wow! Life everywhere. Insects, ants, birds, worms, caterpillars all moving around - so busy, yet so content. Do you ever wonder why? They have no capacity to worry, be anxious or fearful (hint....they know We are looking after them). We love watching your world - Our world, as life continually moves and sleeps, and moves again. That includes watching you too!!!!

We love being involved in your life - especially as you learn to TRUST Us and talk to Us. It's such a buzz when you invite Us to be involved in your life. We won't ever push Ourselves on you, because We have given you an awesome gift....your free will. You are free to think, choose and act on your own, but how wonderful it is when you ask Us to be involved in your life. We know ALL things.....We're already in your future and We're here to help you make the best choices for your life. We like to call it TRUST. We know you can't 'see' Us, but just as clearly as you can see the sky, clouds or the stars, know that We are there- IN you and AROUND you all the time. Just ask and We will respond.

Loving you always......have a super dooper day and week,

Dad, Jesus and Mum (Holy Spirit)

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