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Love Letter from Heaven 24

Our Delightful Child,

You are such a treasure!!!!

We'd like to share a song with you that was written by one of Our amazing family. His name is Godfrey Birtill. He really knows how much We love him....and how much We love everyone actually!

There was a time he questioned that maybe because of the bad stuff he had done, that We were be disappointed in him. Of course, Holy Spirit quickly reassured him that We are NEVER disappointed in anyone.....just sometimes sad that people don't know how much We love them. If it's OK We wanted to share the song he wrote after Holy Spirit shared how much We loved him.

Here it is.......this comes from OUR heart to YOU as well.

I am not disappointed in you

I never have been, and I never will be

I'm not embarrassed or confused

Thinking you'd better improve yourself

or else.....I'm done with you.

No I'm not disappointed in you

I'm not ashamed of you, thinking what a let-down

I'm not frustrated or accusing, bitter or abusive

I am Love, and I love you.

I'm not bored with you, I'm celebrating you

I have set you on a rock, a chip off 'the old block'

At home, in this beautiful place

Never doubting you, no need to shout at you

Hey, I think you're amazing, though sometimes a little crazy

How I love to dance with you!

I am not disillusioned with you

I never had any illusions in the first place

I know exactly who you are

I've known you from the start

Yes I am love, and I love you.

We love you so deeply......until next time, rest in Our love for you

Jesus, Mum (holy Spirit) and Dad

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