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Love Letter from Heaven 25

Updated: Apr 26

Our Favourite Child.

You are amazing! We love being involved in everything you do. Your interests are what We're interested in, and of course, you are especially clever!

Many people may try to tell you that We are watching you to see if you are doing anything good or bad. They may have you thinking We are angry with you or disappointed in you when you may do something wrong. Everybody does something wrong, you included, but We are NEVER angry, upset or disappointed in you or others. What We do get upset with, is what those things can do to you.........anything that may hurt you.

Your choices are so important. We gave you a free will and will never force Our thoughts or ideas on you. We want you to trust Our heart and follow Our lead in how to live your best life now. Your best life is what We value, and sometimes your choices and behaviour don't give you that best life.

Today, We want you to know, deep down in your heart, to believe in Us and believe in who you have been created to be. We value that more than what you do. When you believe in who you are and who We are, then amazingly, your behaviour and choices will start to change and be more like Us.....more like LOVE.

Know that no matter what you do, you are Our child. There will never be a place where We aren't with you, helping you to live your best life ever.

Rest in Our love for you and the power you have inside you to be the amazing person We know you are. Remember, that's how you were created to be......just like Us.

Smothering you in love today,

Dad, Mum (Holy Spirit) and Jesus.

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