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Love Letter from Heaven 26

Our Powerful Child.

Isn't it wonderful thinking about super-heroes and their super powers!. You see and hear about so many of them as you watch TV or movies like Superman and Wonder Woman. These super heroes do the impossible. They are amazingly powerful.

Do you know that when you were much younger....and maybe even now, you used to believe you had super powers just like them? Nothing was impossible. In your imagination, you could jump, fly, and never get hurt. Do you know why you could imagine that so vividly? It is because you could remember where you came from before you were born. You were with Us in Our heart and you knew Our super power was your super power as well. You believed you could do the impossible

Sadly, you started to forget as other people told you that those things were just made up so you started to believe differently. You believed that you being a supernatural person wasn't "real". Yet it has and always will be real. You have US living in you and anything is possible when you believe. We want to encourage you to start to believe again in who you really are.

Jesus always believed, which was why He could walk on water, multiply food, heal the sick, open blind eyes, strengthen lame legs so they could walk again. People call them miracles, but really it is a natural response to believing in the power.....Our power, that lives within. We are always inside you which is what makes you "supernatural"!

Don't ever stop believing in doing the impossible because ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE when you believe. Just ask Jesus (ask Me). He (I) knows first hand how to continually live a "supernatural" life, to be a super human being. You are just like Him........You really are incredible!!!!

Start believing again.

Until next time,

Love you forever,

Jesus, Mum (Holy Spirit) and Dad.

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