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Love Letter from Heaven 27

Our Magnificent Child!

You look so good!

How many times do people look in the mirror to see if they're OK, or find themselves in a photo to make sure they look good. A photo is used for identification or ID, like on a driver's licence or passport.

We have made every single person look unique, different, one of a kind. It's important you know that no-one in the world looks just like you do. We love it like that. Out of the billions of people who have ever lived are all one of a kind! How cool is that!!!!

We want to encourage you though, not just to look at your physical appearance, your face, hair or body as your identity, instead go deeper and see your real identity as one of Us. You came from a dream in Our heart. We saw you, created you and placed the real you in a human body that came from your dad and mum. That's the body you can see, but the real you is unseen. It's Our Spirit, Our uniqueness in you.

Your ability to love and laugh, imagine and create, comes from within you- the REAL you. You are firstly Our creation placed in a human body. Love who you are and all the things that make you unique and love knowing you are Our child, Our Spirit in your human body.

We so love celebrating life everyday with you. Love who you are and every other person around you. They all came from Us too!

Doesn't that make you want to dance and sing?. It makes Us do that all day every day......CELEBRATING YOU!!!

You are truly magnificent.

Love you forever,

Dad, Jesus, and Mum (Holy Spirit)

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