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Love Letter from Heaven 28

My Precious Child,

It's me - Dad, writing this to you today. Jesus and Holy Spirit are right here with Me as I share this, but I wanted to talk to you about being your Father.

Not every Father is able to love you like I do. Many have been hurt by their own fathers and don't know how to reach out and love. They may have never felt loved or included and don't know how to open up and make you feel secure and loved.

I will never ever turn away from you, be angry with you or disappointed in anything you do. Sure, I will try to give you My advice, if you ask for it, but I will never punish you - ever, for making a bad choice. My love surrounds you inside and out and I will ALWAYS be with you. Yes, you may experience the consequences of making dumb choices because I respect your free will. Many times you will have to learn this harder way, but hopefully you will be wiser next time and may choose to do things differently.

I am YOUR Father, everyone's Father and My heart bursts with love for every person We have created. I do get 'disturbed' with the "sin" of wrong thinking that causes you pain, but never disturbed with you. My heart's desire is that you will choose to ask Us, follow Our advice and trust in Me, knowing We/I want the best outcome for your life.....the life you were created to live!

You have been given a human father to help you understand Me even more. He is trying to do his best as well, so I encourage you to respect him and honour him - even if he isn't able to love you as I do.

I am your eternal Father. I will never leave you. Trust in My heart and together we will live the best life possible both on this earth and eternally forever with Me. You have such an exciting future ahead!!!!

I love you so deeply,


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