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Love Letter from Heaven 29

My Greatest Friend.

Hello. This is Jesus writing to you today. Yes, Dad and Holy Spirit are here with Me too. They have the biggest smiles on Their faces because They know I am writing this to you!!!

You are more like Me than you realise. When I moved from Heaven onto Earth, there were a few changes that needed to be made, especially in the way I looked. Humans aren't able to "see" spiritual beings (yet), so I took on a human body so you could see Me. I know you know all about the Christmas Story, and heard it told over and over and over again but just think about it from My perspective. I had to become a baby who needed a human mother to take care of My every need. From feeding Me to changing My nappies, burping, crying (like all babies do), it was ME - your Creator, being cared for!

Obviously Dad and Holy Spirit never left Me.....I was in two places at the same time so to speak. Weird I know but true. My human parents took very good care of Me (Mary and Joseph), as I learned to walk and talk. I wasn't some super human baby who talked straight away and I didn't walk for quite a while as well. I submitted Myself to them as they looked after My every need and taught Me how to speak, read and learn great skills. I'm a pretty good builder actually!

Dad, Holy Spirit and I made the decision for Me to become a human way before We created anything. We wanted to make sure every human being would be included in Our family. It was so worth it. Look at you! You are one of Us forever!!!!. You can't even begin to imagine what's in store for you. I can't wait to show you.

So remember, I'm a divine-human and so are you in a very similar way. Trust Me......your BEST DAYS are ahead of you as We open up your eyes to see what's really true about you..

Sending hugs from Me to you......(which is easy because I'm also living IN you).

Love you forever,

Jesus (always your BEST friend)

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