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Love Letter from Heaven 30

My Great Friend,

It's Holy Spirit (Mum) writing this to you today. I am so excited for you and your future life ahead. Being with you 24/7 is so so good.

Have you wondered why I reference Myself as a Mum to you? It is because I love to help you and teach you and encourage you like your human mum does. Father God (Dad) and Jesus love to do that as well, but for Me- Well I especially love to help you see the amazing world you are living in and the amazing person you are.

You have been created to be just like Us - the way you laugh and love, your ability to learn and grow, to use all that talent that lives within you. We wanted YOU in Our family.....Our world, because you have so much to contribute. Without you, things just wouldn't be the same!

So what I love to do is help you learn, to teach you to see what's inside and outside you. I help you laugh and love, to be kind and considerate, to say WOW when you see a beautiful flower or sunset. My love is in you to care for your world, to see those who are hurting, to encourage you to say thank you and sometimes sorry and learn to forgive. There is no part of your life where I'm not there to help and love you!!

Life isn't just about learning lots of information in your head. It's also about learning how to relate, love and care for others, to be thankful and grateful for people in your life. You may not always be aware of My presence, but I'm ALWAYS here with you. How about stopping right now and sense My love, My smile, My encouragement.

I love you and forever,

Mum (Holy Spirit).

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