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Love Letter from Heaven 31

Our Brilliant Child.

If you could see yourself the way We see you!!! WOW!!!

Our eyes see your past and your future and boy, don't you look good!

We'd like to talk with you today about your imagination. It comes from your brain but originates from Us. That's how We created your world. We imagined something as though it was real in Our mind then We spoke out what We saw and it became real for you to see.

You also have a very powerful imagination. Sometimes you imagine happy, fun things but then sometimes your fears create a not so happy picture in your mind and you think that it's very real.

Your imagination is what makes you so like Us. You are very powerful as you think and dream, imagine and create. Nothing is impossible for you. It's the BEST starting point to connect with Us. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful place filled with joy and laughter, or it can be peaceful and quiet......a place where you feel safe and loved. We are right there with you.

Stop right now and imagine that place. The colours, plants, animals and people. The smells are rich and inviting. This becomes a place where We can meet together.....anytime, anywhere.

Keep you imagination free from fear because fear will destroy your joy and laughter - whether it's with Us in Our special place or at home in your room at night. Think happy thoughts because what you think about and imagine may one day become very real. Protect your imagination. It is a powerful part of who you are.

Until next time,

Wrapping you in Our arms of love and joy,

Love you forever,

Holy Spirit (Mum), Dad and Jesus

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