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Love Letter from Heaven 32

Our Adored Child.

How lovely to be with you right now, as your thoughts centre on Us. We want to open you up to a gift who lives inside you - WISDOM.

I'm sure you've heard the word used before and you may think it has something to do with your mind and thoughts. Well you are correct, but WISDOM is much more than just your thoughts. WISDOM is part of who We are. A living person within Us, and therefore also living within you!

WISDOM is beautiful yet powerful. Have you heard the word "as a man thinks in his heart so is he....."? I know you can think thoughts with your mind but thinking thoughts with your heart? Sound weird to you?

However, your heart is where We are. It's more than just a piece of muscle pumping blood around your body, it's a place where Our Spirit dwells, where WISDOM dwells. Your heart is where love, kindness, goodness and joy flow from. WISDOM helps you in all of those qualities. So if you "think with your heart" you are someone who flows with who We are - who you really are.

You can think with your mind and make good choices, but thinking with your heart and mind helps you make the best choice, and WISDOM is there with you. Good choices lead you to a great life. Poor choices carry bad consequences. Thinking with your heart and your mind means WISDOM is there leading you to your best life ever. So guard your heart- that's where your life really flows from.

May WISDOM be your closest friend and influence.

Until next time

Love you forever,

Dad, Jesus and Mum (Holy Spirit)

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