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Love Letter from Heaven 33

Our Powerful Child.

We hope you believe that! Why? Because so many people don't know they are powerful or who they really are.

What do you think of when you hear the word POWERFUL? Maybe strong muscles and able to lift heavy things? Someone who is bigger than you and could wrestle you to the ground? Or maybe a bully......someone who bosses you around and makes you feel afraid?

In some way, those thoughts are true but that's not what We mean when We say the word POWERFUL. Electricity is powerful, so is a car or large machinery. Aeroplanes and trains are POWERFUL and have large engines to pull loads and fly in the air. That's getting more to what We want you to think about when We say "You are POWERFUL!"

Something like an engine that's inside of you but can't be seen. If you were cut open, no one could find it. The power that is inside you is Spirit. Like electricity you can't see it but you can feel it and know it's there.

This power comes from Us and enables you to be the POWERFUL person We created you to be. Holy Spirit lives inside you, giving you power to speak to storms and see them move, bring healing to sick people, open the eyes of the blind or ears that can't hear. It's the power of Our life that flows through you.

This power also helps you to be kind when treated unkindly, to help those in need, to love and to care for people who may have been less loving to you. To be patient when you are frustrated.and saying encouraging words even when you don't want to be kind.

It's already there inside you waiting for you to access anytime anywhere. Use that POWER within you to be the amazing incredible person We know you are.

Cheering you on.......

Love you forever Our POWERFUL child,

Holy Spirit (Mum), Jesus and Dad

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