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Love Letter from Heaven 34

Our Brilliant Child.

You are a creative, intelligent, clever and astounding person, amazing in every way. You think, imagine, speak, write and solve problems. From the beginning of your life you have been learning and growing in knowledge.

Knowledge is wonderful. It helps you make good decisions, helps other people and expands you as you learn more about the wonderful world you live in. We love that you are growing in knowledge because you are learning more about Us.

Your brain has been created to store all of that knowledge and brings it back again as you remember all the things you have learnt in the past...... like the time you may have burnt your hand on something hot. You remember not to do that again!!!

Knowledge is very helpful in living a great life, however there is something greater than a really smart brain and memory. It's your HEART. Your HEART is where We are, where your real life flows from. Your heart is your life and is the greatest influence in how you live. Friendships, love, joy and peace flow from here. You can be a really clever person, build or design amazing things, solve all kinds of problems, study the stars or be the best doctor, scientist or teacher but your REAL life flows from your HEART not your brain.

Life and love come from Us. We are love and We created you to be just like Us - super clever and full of knowledge but guided by love - Our love and life.

Keep on learning and growing, but the greatest in your life is living life from your HEART.

Love you forever,

Jesus, Dad and Mum (Holy Spirit)

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