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Love Letter from Heaven 35

Our Amazing Child.

We hope you believe that! Inside and out you shine with life. We're so thrilled that you trust Us. Know that no matter what each day brings We can never leave you.

One great outcome of trust is COURAGE. COURAGE is something that comes from deep inside you, facing your fears, you do it anyway. You have heard stories of people where they have been afraid but they allowed Our COURAGE to help them become brave. Firefighters, Police and so many others chose to become brave and courageous to help and save others who are in need. Their fears are real but they do it anyway.

What might you be afraid of? What might you need courage for? We want you to find Our COURAGE to face your fears and see an amazing outcome. Everyday you can hide behind your fears where you can't do anything or with Our COURAGE, smash those fears and realise it may be just all in your imagination.

We see your life full of COURAGE without fears. You are amazing, a world changer, a positive influence of bravery wherever you go. Refuse to allow fears to limit you. Be the courageous person We created you to be.

Having COURAGE is not that you aren't afraid, it's facing your fears and doing it anyway. Choose COURAGE every day and see your world open up in amazing ways.

Love you forever and beyond,

Jesus, Dad and Mum (Holy Spirit)

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