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Love Letter from Heaven 36

Our Deeply Loved Child.

We want you to see yourself the way We see you. Courageous, open, passionate, gifted, bold and strong. You are an eternal spirit who came from Us and will forever be with Us, therefore We know the real you.

You are at this present moment having an earthly, human experience and your thinking has been influenced by fear. Fear of making a mistake, fear of getting into trouble or being laughed at or made fun of. Fearful of trying and failing or fearful your friends will leave you and you will be left alone and sad. We watch and see the courage you had at the start of your human experience gradually get smothered over by the fears that have built up in your mind through experiences..

Today, We want to help you rediscover that courage that is the real you. Courage that has been there all along but now hidden. We want to encourage you to live the best life you were created to live, free from fears that aren't real anyway. It's your thoughts that have made them seem that they are.

Firstly always remember you are deeply loved by Us and others and you are absolutely brilliant!. Then, resist your fears by being willing to try no matter what the outcome. Be open and transparent with those you trust like your parents, a close friend and even Us. Share your deepest feelings and don't try to cover up your fears. The outcome isn't the most important thing or who you are, it's that you tried and did your best that really matters.

You are Our most amazing, brilliant, creative, courageous child, living a full and open life. What shines out from you is light and life. You will love the life that will flow from you as you live a courageous and open life with those you trust, then the darkness that fear brings will disappear.

Cheering you on courageous one,

Love you forever,

Holy Spirit (Mum), Jesus and Dad (the biggest cheer leader!)

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