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Love Letter from Heaven 37

Our Adored Child.

How wonderful you are! Stop and think about you...... your body, your mind - aren't you amazing?

However, have you ever looked up at night and noticed all of the stars? So many of them that you'd never be able to count them all. They sparkle and shine and seem to continue on forever, just for you to enjoy. There are also many, many more you can't see with your natural eyes but one day you will!!!

Do you know We created all of those stars, planets, and galaxies just for fun AND We've given each one of them a name. We know that may seem impossible for you to think that's possible but that's just for starters! The Universe that surrounds you is so huge, so 'ginormous'. We made it like that so you would know how special you are to each of Us. You may feel tiny in comparison to this BIG Universe that surrounds you, but people are Our REAL TREASURES.

When you look up into the sky at night and see all the stars, stop and remember they are nothing compared to YOU. You are Our heart's desire, the stars and galaxies are little extras there for you.

One day We will visit those stars and galaxies together. In fact, maybe We could create a new one and name it after you! Now that sounds like fun. This world is yours, so is the Universe, created just for you to love and enjoy.

Until next time, keep looking up, keep dreaming, keep seeing how wonderful you are.

Love you forever,

Dad, Jesus and Mum (Holy Spirit)

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