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Love Letter from Heaven 38

Our Dearest Child.

It's great to spend this time with you, as you stop and focus for a few minutes. It's good to practice being still. We know it's hard to sit still because you love having fun and being active, and that's OK too. But every now and then, stop and try to shut out all the noise around you and relax.

In your human body, We have created you to have ears so you can hear and enjoy sounds, communicate with others, play and enjoy music and so much more. Sounds connect you to your world making it rich and enjoyable. Your ears are small in comparison to the rest of your body, in fact your smallest bone is found in your ear!. As sound waves surround you they make the bones in your ears vibrate so you can hear. In fact you are surrounded by sound all the time and your brain is continually sorting through them all.

On another level you also have spiritual ears. (That's where We can also communicate with you). You don't need bones to vibrate to hear Us but you do need a heart that's quiet and able to listen. Our spirit vibrates within you and you are able to pick it up and hear what We are saying: expressing love, words, music, beauty and feelings of belonging and connection. That's why We love you being able to be still in your mind and heart and listen to Our 'inner' sounds.

We love the world you live in, the music you enjoy, the sounds of nature, words people speak and joy filled laughter. It all originates from within Us anyway. Enjoy your 'outer' world and 'inner' world with Us. Listen to Our singing over you and see the beauty of Our world inside your world.

Until next time, take time being still and feel Our love bubble up within you.

Love you forever and ever,

Jesus, Dad and Mum (Holy Spirit)

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