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Love Letter from Heaven 39

Our Precious Child.

Have you ever wondered why you are alive? I know you are aware that you came from Us and that We wanted you in Our world right now, but just stop and think for a few moments about your life and your world.

What would you say are your talents....what are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? They are clues to help you see how unique you are. There is only one YOU and there will never be any one just like you ever again. There is something that only YOU will bring into Our world...... your world.

The Universe and your Earth world are continually growing and We want you to participate in creating something with Us. There is a power within you to create something amazing. It could be art, music, dance or sport. It could be showing kindness, choosing to stop what you're doing and help someone, to clean up or speak up for those who may not be able to.

Everything you do becomes an opportunity to create something new and good. We have given you the gift of LIFE and We want you to partner with Us in the ongoing creation We are doing. Never think you have nothing to give or create. Everything is valuable, everything you do matters.

So how will you use your amazing life? Will you create a world that's full of love and beauty, fun and laughter? That's why you're here right now. We're in you and with you to help make that happen.

We're so excited to see you partnering with Us in EVERYTHING you do. Your life thrills Us with what We know lies ahead for you as your bring your LIFE into Our/your world.

So now, sense a great big hug We're giving you right now.

Love you forever,

Mum (Holy Spirit), Dad and Jesus

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