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Love Letter from Heaven 40

Our Adored Child.

Have you ever thought much about angels?. What do you think of when you hear that word? It's so funny listening to people's comments about angels, where they think they are and what they think they look like? Do they have wings? Look like a bird with feathers or are they also like human you?.

We'd like to share a little about angels, seeing We made them, so you will want to connect with them all the time. Firstly, angels were created before humans so they've been around for a very long time. There are so many that you'd never be able to count them - like stars in the sky. Angels help Us govern and care for the Universe. In fact there are far more angels than stars!!!

There are very large angels as big as buildings, and there are very small ones who like to have a lot of fun. They enjoy laughter and joy continually. Others are protecting angels and then others who help Us in so many ways. Many angels can appear and look like humans and provide help like helping Peter when he was in prison or even helping you when you or you dad and mum are in need. It happens all the time.

Do you know that you have been given your own special angel (plus many others as well) who We'd love you to connect with and see. Just because they are invisible to your eyes doesn't make them not real. There's lots you can't see yet- but you will. Can We encourage you to talk to your angel and ask to tell you their name. They would love for you to know all about them like they know about you. We want you to see what We see and know how much you are valued and cared for. You not only have Our spirit living in you, you also have angels all around you, to protect you, to help you and bring you lots of joy. Have fun with your angel and as you do your eyes will be open to see more and more into Our world.

So how about right now, have a chat with your special angel and let the adventure begin.

Love and hugs from Us always,

Dad, Mum (Holy Spirit) and Jesus

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