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Love Letter From Heaven 8

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Our Amazing Child.

How We love you and value who you are. We love living Our life through you.

Do you enjoy birthday parties? They are our absolute favourite! The joy, the laughter, games, presents and yummy food are what We love and who We are. It's Our joy, fun and laughter that flows through you and all around your friends.

People love to give you presents because We love to give. They have all been influenced by Our heart for you. So when you have your next birthday party or go to one, remember We are the ones who LOVE the PARTY!!!. That's the reason everyone wants one and enjoys going to one.

We love to celebrate life with you - whatever you are doing. We know you may not enjoy some aspects of school, but know that all knowledge also comes from Us. It's necessary to learn about the world We gave you to live in, so embrace the learning and the joys of the party and life outside school. Enjoy the people around you and see Us in them. Having fun with them or being kind to them and you're really having fun with and being kind to Us at the same time.

Your life is amazing. Enjoy what We have given to you and don't miss anything. Celebrate every day and others and you'll be living your best life ever.

Have a wonderful fun filled week.

Kisses from Heaven,

Love you forever and beyond,

Dad, Holy Spirit (Mum) and Jesus

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