Affirmation Cards

Below is a visual of a pack of Affirmation Cards we made by typing each affirmation in a variety of text and colour types in large print.

Using the 80 affirmations written below the pictures (after they typed out each one in fun fonts), the girls cut them out and  glued them each onto cardboard rectangles that I had bought. They then illustrated and stuck stickers on each card making them more individual and creative.

By whole punching the corner of each card, a ribbon was threaded though holding them all together for easy reading.

Daily reading a few affirmations or focusing on one for a few days keeps the mind thinking right thoughts and destroying the toxic ones that creep in from time to time.


affirmation cards 1.jpg


I know that there's a place for me

For I am glorious

I am brave, I am bold , I am who I'm meant to be


I'm bursting through the barricades

I'm reaching for the sun

I am a warrior


I am awesome

I am powerful

I am worthy

I am deeply loved

I am valuable

I am very intelligent

I am full of courage

I am a fast learner

I believe in and love who I am

I am created in God's image. I am just like Him in every way

I have many gifts and talents

I have a great mind and can think clearly

I am thoughtful and kind

I am very creative

Miracles happen around me all the time

I am healthy and strong

I choose to eat well and love to exercise

I am persistent and never give up

I love to work hard and do my best

I love to help others, showing them love

I make friends easily and people love being around me

I love to make people feel valued and accepted

I am a great influencer for good

I learn from my mistakes and grow through them

Learning is fun

I am a great listener and encourage people

I am unique and special

God has a great plan for my life

Every day I get better and better

Holy Spirit guides me continually

I am always in the right place at the right time

I enjoy being a positive person

I choose to see the best in others

I am full of joy and peace

I am a great listener

I am whole and complete

I accept compliments graciously

I enjoy trying new ideas

I embrace change in a positive way

I know God always loves me

I can step into Heaven and be with Jesus anytime, anywhere

I am kind and generous

I thrust God completely

I am brave and full of courage

I see beauty every where I go

I have an awesome imagination

I complete all my school work with joy in my heart

I love doing my best

I love people and people love me

I am thankful for everything I have

I choose to forgive those who hurt me

I always think happy thoughts

I reach my goals with enthusiasm

I read, write and learn fast

I hear Holy Spirit clearly speaking to me

I am honest and always tell the truth

I manage my time well

I love to work and help others

I can do anything because God lives in me

I have an excellent memory

I respect and value all people especially my dad and mum

My family are the best

I can see angels and talk with them

Heaven is a place of bliss and wonder

I am open to try new things

I am never alone

I have unlimited potential

I love challenges and doing the hard stuff

I am amazing inside and out

I can change the world one smile at a time

I am valued. My voice matters

I am important

Today I am going to shine

I am thankful for today

I am an original. No other person is just like me

I have a powerful mind

I love who I am created to be

I overflow with faith, courage and enthusiasm